A stadium is a key part of the city it’s built in. American stadiums host sports contests, rock concerts, rallies, and a wealth of other historical events that become legends that are identified solely with a specific stadium. In every city throughout the nation, stadiums have provided and memorialized some of the most exciting spectacles we've ever seen and some of the most thrilling moments of our lives. Stadiums are the birthplace of millions of memories that last a lifetime. In a very real sense, stadiums hold the spirit of a city and the home teams that have played there.

But every stadium requires care and maintenance as long as it is in use. Stadiums also need upgrading from time to time----new seats, new fixtures, new signs, new railings, new benches, new gates----the list goes on and on. Frequently, the old items are sold to scrap dealers.

But Stadium Cufflinks also buys a lot of them. Enough, at least, to assure that we'll be able to create cufflinks----as well as other custom jewelry items----for a long time to come. What we buy around the country is brought to our studio in New York City, cleaned, and eventually made in to Stadium Cufflinks commemorating scores of teams and stadiums scattered throughout the United States.

It’s a work of love, really; the kind that only a devout sports fan can truly appreciate and understand.

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