Who Came Up With This Idea?

Several years ago, the founder of Stadium Cufflinks---a dedicated, die-hard sports fan if ever there was one---was forced to go to the wedding of his wife’s friend. When he announced that he was ready to leave, his wife spotted his favorite team’s jersey under his tuxedo. She told him to take off the jersey. He protested that if he was going to be forced to go to a wedding on a Sunday during football season, he was going to wear his team’s colors.

Well, you can easily guess who won that argument. Even so, that's the day he swore a solemn oath that he would never again allow a Sunday to pass without showing his team spirit, regardless of what he was expected to wear for any other event.

And that’s where the idea of stadium cuffs originated. He bought a seat from the home stadium of his favorite team and brought it to a long-time friend, a professional jeweler. A week later the die-hard sports fan had an exquisite pair of cuff links. In the weeks that followed, so many people asked him where he got them that it dawned on him that Stadium Cufflinks might make a great business.

Since that time he’s bought hundreds of different sports memorabilia and pieces of stadiums around the country and turned them in to finely crafted, custom-designed jewelry.

At first, the idea caught on solely through word-of-mouth. But ever since the 12/20/2010 issue of US WEEKLY named Stadium Cufflinks™ as one on the top ten holiday gift ideas of 2010, sales have soared.

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